TMM Communication, creator of digital emotions

TMM Communication, digital expert provides digital solutions for retail, corporate environment and public venues.

Experience the connected store

Retail shops must capture the attention of passersby, encourage them to enter and drive them to purchase. Many steps which may be facilitated by installing digital communication solutions. Presentation of new products, targeted promotions, order terminals, interactive displays, immersion in the brand universe, motion detection, augmented reality ... The connected store offers a wide range of opportunities. TMM, your digital expert, sets up with you the best approach to reach your prospects at strategic points while he does some shopping.

Intelligent Digitalization of Public venues

Museums, motorway service areas, galleries, libraries, airports, malls ... Wherever there is a significant traffic, TMM, your digital expert accompanies you to offer a unique and memorable experience for your audience. Making an exhibition more participative through the use of tablets and interactive terminals, facilitating transit for travelers with real-time traffic information, providing a detailed analysis of a work of art or its author, creating an audio and scent ambience. For each need, its solution. As a digital expert, TMM develops for you personnalized concepts for each location type to encourage interaction and give passing people a unique experience. Target, dramatize the space to create a memorable and powerful experience for the audience, getting them to stop, share, come back ...

A digital expertise for corporate communication

Federate employees around company values and promote internal communication through the installation of a digital network thanks to the expertise of a digital expert like TMM. With 25 years of experience in the deployment of digital corporate solutions, the company works in the areas of banking, pharmaceutical, food, automotive, telecom etc. Implementation includes screen walls, screens, interactive screens or tablets placed at strategic points such as lobbies, waiting rooms, elevators, meeting rooms or cafeterias, that enable you to communicate effectively with your employees and your visitors.

As a digital expert, TMM will accompany you in both the deployment of your screen network, video wall or other support, like the creation of content (animation, templates, ...), scheduling, headings and broadcasted content : company news, occupied / available rooms, real-time information (weather, traffic information ...), words from the president, etc.

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