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The global pharmaceutical giant Sanofi is a leader in its industry. One (important) key part of its success is innovation. This innovation can be found at all levels of the company, particularly in its corporate communication through the establishment of a digital network.


Very quickly the group understood the importance of the establishment of a digital network for all of its 120 sites throughout France. TMM advised the client, audited and organized visits before installation of a digital network and screens at strategic points: the halls, corridors, waiting rooms and elevators to disseminate information to employees and visitors in places of transit or waiting areas.


TMM orchestrated the deployment of the corporate oriented digital network to meet the group's internal communication needs. The information on the digital network emanate from headquarters, plus each local entity has the opportunity to develop its own content in order to deliver messages adapted to local employees; and thus have greater autonomy.


Company newsletter, living sites, actions implemented by Sanofi, external flows ... The installation of a digital network makes internal communication smoother and promotes the engagement of the company's employees.


At the group's request, contributors have an information integration freedom in programming thanks to the digital network and customized solution implemented by TMM.


They can disseminate information on one screen and a completely different content on another. This type of installation enables the delivery of a wider range of targeted information depending on location and the target audience : welcoming visitors in the lobby, information about current events and internal activities in relaxing places, external stream helpful for everyone etc.


And because a digital network must also be able to develop over time, TMM accompanied Sanofi for many years by being source of proposal in future developments, as well as providing real expertise, both in terms of advice, assistance or expertise.

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