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The digital space "Sanef & vous"

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When interactive displaying blends with sensory marketing


Sanef joined the Picardy Regional Council and the Regional Tourism Committee of this same region to pilot an original concept of dynamic information, combining displaying, interactivity and sensory marketing on a French motorway space. 


Going by the name of "Sanef et vous", this concept is dedicated to customer service and business relations, offering both to provide real-time information to the customer - traffic information, weather, etc. - and deliver tourism related content in the region.


The dynamic screen solution mixed with a concept of sensory marketing provided by TMM has since been installed at the groups headquarters and on the new AWS Vironvay area.


It consists of:

- Interactive terminals for consultation to develop interactivity

-  46 '' and 70 '' screens for optimal visibility

- Targeted audio broadcast by sound shower for total immersion


The mix of content and delivery systems can develop user experience by offering a sensory marketing system that facilitates storage of information.


Using sensors, the sound is only broadcasted in the presence of a user. By mixing several senses, sensory marketing allows the user to live an unique immersive experience and thereby bring content in other forms and thus surprise and interest users.


The global dynamic screen concept of sensory marketing and interactivity allows to intergrate Sanef in the Picard landscape and to show the will of modernization and opening to the public initiated by the tourist office.

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