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Côté Pharma

LED panel : Attractiveness and visibility, a sure bet for Côté Pharma

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Today, like Côté Pharma, more signs are turning to LED panel installation in shop windows to gain visibility and attractiveness.


Animate a showroom using a LED panel means increasing the impact on the passersby and generate more traffic in stores. Côté Pharma made that choice by calling on TMM Communication to offer a modern digital screen solution, attractive and visible in over thirty pharmacies in France.


By coupling an LCD panel in store and an LED display in the shop window, the company offers an invitation to discover a brand, product, service, or promotional offers that will capture the attention of passersby, encourage them to enter and make it easier to remember the message.


TMM Communication was selected for this project due to its great adaptability and customization possibilities : adapted screen size, custom-made stand designed by TMM, guidance in the choice of software and equipment ... But also for expertise from installation to maintenance through team training in the use of the solution.


Why choose a LED sign for your showroom ?


/         High brightness and high contrast to be visible from afar

/         Uniform colors on the whole screen, selection of fine components and settings

/         High refresh rate for optimum fluidity of movement

/         Long service life, more than 50 000 hours.

/         CE compliant

/         Reliable, stand-alone device, without special maintenance, high resistance to heat.

/         Measured consumption (around 500W per m²)

/         Functional information : temperature, humidity, power, etc.

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