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Renault Trucks

A touch screen terminal and utility at vendors and the customers disposal

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logo renault trucks touch screen terminal

Designed to assist sellers in their sales process and to inform customers, the terminal has an interactive touch screen interface, playful, modern, intuitive and remotely easily renewable.


For sellers, this touch screen terminal is a modern and attractive way to approach customers in a concession. The will of the paperless concession has, through this touch screen terminal, been achieved because it contains all the documents the seller may need (technical sheets, product sheets, photos, videos etc.)


The touch screen terminal is designed verticaly to create proximity and a strongerautonome interaction with the customer.


The user, independently or waiting in the concession has a wide choice of content on the touch screen terminal via free access. Brand History, information on products and services but also content to immerse the user in the brand universe through photos and videos, the presentation of Renault Trucks rallies or downloadable applications via QR code to stay connected with the brand, everywhere. This demonstration system, usable by everyone, allows making information quick and easily available.


It will now be common to find touch screen terminals in the Renault Trucks dealerships. This sales support tool has already been deployed in a dozen brand outlets. The design of the touch screen terminal is entirely, from design to manufacture, signed by TMM Communication.


The company is also responsible for creating the interface, integration of the touch screen terminal content, but also the training of headquarters staff for remote content updates on the terminals.


It is the software development department of TMM Communication who imagined this fluid and intuitive solution to facilitate access to information. In parallel, the design office achieved the custom conception and chassis design of the touch screen terminal.


Its bright red color and robust template fits perfectly to the Renault Trucks universe. Deployment, commissioning and monitoring of content on a national scale of the touch screen terminal are also managed by TMM Communication.

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