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Rue du Commerce

« Ma Boutique Express »

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  • connected store rue du commerce
  • connected store rue du commerce
Rue du commerce

 « Ma boutique express », the mini « connected store » of Rue du Commerce, was conceived and implemented by TMM Communication to create a bridge between the physical and online commerce.


This concept of connected store is represented by a interactive terminal with 3 screens and a secure payment terminal.


The screen located on the upper part of the terminal is used to appeal and display the colors of Rue du Commerce. The central screen displays the catalog, offering a selection of the sites best sellers and thereby make their purchase faster with an appropriate offer. The last screen is an interactive keyboard.


The first terminals of the connected store concept are deployed in railway stations.


Leading player of e-commerce, Rue du Commerce benefits from a trafic of about 6-8000000 visitors per month. Engaged in a close relationship with their customers, they decided to go further by launching a distribution network in physical outlets through the connected store technology.


The objective is twofold : to create a bridge between online and physical trade and invent a new way of consuming in the point of sale.


"Ma boutique express" the Rue du Commerce connected store, with its innovative terminal, distinguished itself during Popai Awards 2014, in the digital media category (interactive materials), winning the bronze Popai.

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