Advice equipment selection

Advice and equipment selection according to their use

Through a depth knowledge of available equipments on the market and a steady attention given to new technologies, our digital integration specialists will refer you to reliable players, standard or customized according to your needs, at a competitive price.


TMM's expertise in the digital market and its 25 years of experience as a multimedia integrator are all assets to identify the best equipment: screens, players, display solutions, software, connected, sensory or interactive solutions... Constantly listening to the market and future innovations, TMM tests all new products to ensure you the most suitable products for your needs.



Depending on the installation location (outdoor, shop window, suspended from the ceiling, etc.), you need the right hardware, both in size and impact resistance, brightness or lifespan. Through a careful analysis of your needs and requirements, our experts advise you in the choice of your equipment.

TMM provides you with professional equipment, standard or advanced from small meeting room screen, to wall screen, through LED panels, digital windows or even outdoor screens. TMM operates on any type of existing digital support.


Portraits or landscapes screens :

- LCD Displays - LED Screens - Screens 4K - Touchscreens - Transflective Screens

- Outdoor or indoor screens (450-5000 lumens) - LED Panels (pitch of 1.5 to 10)



Because there are players adapted to every need, TMM makes continuous tests on existing players and everything new on the market.

Durability tests, resistance to high working load (24/7), indoor installation (heat, dust ...), outdoor installation (access, security ...). This allows TMM, your multimedia integrator, to recommend players that best meet your expectations.


Software selection and customized development

Our teams use, test and compare a wide range of digital solutions to find you the one that will best serve your project. Internally, our developers are able to design software and custom applications and interfaces for you.


A wide range of softwares

TMM, as multimedia integrator, has tested many broadcasting software available on the digital display market and is now able to propose adapted solutions to every need. Simple broadcasting, flexible programming and easy use by the contributor. By discovering your need, we will find you the most efficient solution for your project.

Whether you want to broadcast a simple video, realize multiple programming on an international network, or broadcast various content (animations, templates, interactivity, big data...) we have the digital integration solution you need.

The TMM development service provides a customized response to more or less complex needs of its customers. If none solution currently available on the market is adapted to the demand, the TMM experts will develop one. From the internal automation tools to the CMS development, through application design or interactive remote control system, the TMM research and development department proposes new concepts. Depending on the project and deployment, we refer you to the most appropriate digital integration solution and content administration.